The Vitality Trading Co. story

Trav and Ben, whilst surfing at Wilsons Promontory National Park, conceptualised the idea of sharing the wealth of world wide superfoods with Australians in a relatively untouched market.

"Here at Vitality Trading Co. we don’t subscribe to mediocrity. We believe in aspiring to the very best this life has to offer. To achieve this, we recognised the need to optimise our health, wellness and vitality through superior nutrition and lifestyle choices."

With Travis having over 15 years experience as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and Ben as a Health food store owner for 10 years, the “Cacao Boys” have made it their purpose to walk the Earth to source the very best in Organic, Raw, Wild-crafted & Fairly traded Superfoods and Tonic Herbs.

Where possible, we endeavour to source locally/regionally produced products of the highest quality and integrity. These products must support and contribute to the local community and ecology of the region from where they are produced. We are only interested in those Superfoods and Tonic Herbs which provide us with the nutritional upgrade we are seeking. Along the way we hope to feature a wealth of adventure and lifestyle information to help inspire, educate and entertain those who are along for the ride.

So, welcome aboard, take a look around. We hope you find the information and products contribute to your own journey towards shedding the obsolete nature of western society’s “sickness model” of healthcare, and inspire you along the preventative path to Superior, Vibrant & Vital Wellness and Longevity.