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More than likely, we will all go through this at some point in our lives. Some of us will go through it multiple times. It doesn't happen overnight, but you might just realise one day that your life has been calling you to jump ship. You will realise that it's been a long time coming and that things need to change.

It can be a time of turmoil, though it doesn't have to be. Change can be exciting and in many cases, for the better.

Signs That You Need to Change Jobs

If indecision is causing confusion for you, here are a few things that might make it clearer:

1. You are Dreading the Day

If you are holding on for dear life just to make it to the weekend, only to dread Monday while trying to enjoy your weekend, this is a clear sign. You probably already feel unhappy, and long-term, it's bad for your overall health.

2. Your Job is a Dead End

It may not be the people or the commute that's the problem. It can be that you are not able to reach your professional goals at the company where you're at. If you have spoken to your manager and are sure that there is no way to grow in the company, either skills-wise or financially, it's time to go.

3. Your Job is Interfering With Your Life

Life changes. We start families, want to further our studies, or the long hours and stress start to weigh on us. While you will obviously need to put time into your job, you can take steps to get your hours reduced, move to a closer branch, or perhaps flexi-time or remote work is an option. If these aren't options in your current job, change is necessary.

How to Make the Transition Easier

Career change is right up there with some of the most stressful events in life and there are a few things that you need to consider getting in order first:

1. What is Your Motivation?

Before you make your final decision about whether to jump ship or not, you need to be real with yourself and ask yourself exactly why you want to do it and how the change will benefit you.
The saying ‘the grass isn't always greener on the other side’ is so true. You may end up working with annoying people again, or perhaps you realise that even though you got a salary bump you still feel unhappy and unfulfilled. If you are looking for growth, you will need to push yourself.

Changing careers means starting at the bottom again, learning new skills, and possibly putting in long hours. So make sure that you truly want to do this and that your motivations are good ones. This will also help you to be sure of what you're looking for and what to negotiate for when the time comes.

2. Put Money Aside

If you need to leave before you have found a new job, if you need to study, or if you are starting your own business, you need to have money put aside. It's a good idea to have enough money saved to live off for about 3 months. Not everyone is able to do this, but try to put some money away to ease the burden a little.

Alternatively, you may need to stay on while you look for a job or get a part-time job doing something else that will give you a break from the job you were doing before but gives you some money to support yourself or pay for your tuition.

3. Make Sure You Have a Good Support System

Having friends and/or family who can support you during this time will go a long way. Even if it's just someone to talk to about your worries, bounce ideas off of, or celebrate victories with. True friendship and support from those who love you cannot be underestimated.

4. Don't Let Fear Get in the Way

Fear is normal and it helps us to evaluate the situation thoroughly, but if you feel that things need to change, there is a good reason for it. Fear and complacency can hold us back, but we won't ever grow or improve our situation if we don't take those steps. If you keep putting it off, five years down the line, you're still sitting in the same situation.

5. Do Your Research

Know what your options are. Research the company you want to apply to or the career that you want to switch to thoroughly. It will help you to navigate this change more smoothly. 

Changing jobs is a big step and for most people, it's life changing. It can be freeing and we get a chance to grow and shape our lives for the better. If your life is calling you to jump ship, and you have properly weighed up the pros and cons, maybe it’s time to go for it!

Author: Cheanné Lombard

Author: Cheanné Lombard