It happens to everyone sometimes— getting stuck in a rut, experiencing a prolonged period of  feeling “off”, or even struggling to find meaning and direction in life.  If you’re looking for inspiration, or maybe just a new perspective, check out our team’s top wellness reading picks!

The Optimized Woman - Miranda Gray

In modern times, women’s menstrual cycles have often been cast as a “weakness.” This book challenges women to reframe this view and reclaim their bodies from outdated, misogynistic narratives steeped in misunderstanding. The author suggests a new perspective, one that outlines ways to understand and use women’s natural hormonal cycles as a source of power. This book is two things: a celebration of menstrual cycles, and a how-to guide for to start harnessing the hormonal journey women go through every month to maximize potential in work, relationships, and life.  


The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein

If you’re feeling empty, lost, confused, or just need some inspiration to really start living, pick this book up. Bernstein offers a mix of spiritual guidance and down-to-earth, actionable advice that can help all of us restore meaning and purpose in a world choked with social media, bad news, and isolation. Her compassionate and relatable prose is a treat to read, and you’ll walk away feeling calmer, braver, and ready to shed the fear or excuses that are holding you back from living your true potential.    


The Conscious Parent - Dr. Shefali Tsabary

There are a million “how to parent” books, but this is something different. Instead of talking about breastfeeding or sleep training, Dr. Tsabary explores the potential for spiritual development that parents can experience as they raise their children. A central part of the book’s narrative is how increasing self-awareness is the best way to break cycles of emotional pain that adults can unwillingly pass on to the next generation. Ultimately, it’s a convincing case for the way that heightened spiritual consciousness leads to healthier parents, happier children, and room for growth and compassion in everyone.    


Wheat Belly - Dr. William Davis

Rather than being a “diet” book, Wheat Belly is the story of an American cardiologist’s  observations about the standard western diet and its potentially catastrophic effects on our bodies. Arguing that modern wheat products are an over-processed, GMO-fueled, unnatural addition to our diet, Dr. Davis outlines his own professional experience with a healthy dose of readable science to back it up.  He was inspired to spread the message of giving up wheat after working with hundreds of patients who cut it out of their diets, resulting in nothing less than miraculous results. If you’re feeling “foggy”, tired, or have stubborn weight that won’t come off, Wheat Belly makes a convincing case for why giving up this ingredient could change your life.   

Author:          Natalie Millis

Author:          Natalie Millis