It’s undeniable that technology has made its way into the daily routine of many individuals. Can you recall a day where you didn’t check your phone first thing when you woke up? Or a day where you didn’t check your notifications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media application you use?

The Smartphone’s Smart Advantage
With smartphones, it has also become much easier to connect to the internet. Smartphones offer more possibilities, from taking pictures and videos, playing music, downloading games, ordering food and even doing your groceries! Indeed, it’s amazing how technology and smartphones have made the lives of people so much easier. With our smartphones, there’s no need to bring a separate gadget for each activity.

The Inevitable Downside
Due to the convenience they bring, however, some of us are opposed to smartphones and technology. Studies have found that gadgets are lessening our physical activity. Apart from that, constant use of gadgets also causes obesity, eye ailments, and disorders in children. These facts are agreeable to some extent. However, this is due to a lack of moderation and misuse of technology and gadgets.

Smartphones: A Fitness and Lifestyle Companion
This brings us to putting technology and gadgets into a brighter light regarding health and lifestyle. While misuse of smartphones causes physical disorders and issues, they can also be a great companion in
exercising and keeping your body fit.

No, I’m not talking about the music app on your phone - which is indeed helpful when you’re working out to keep you pumped and hyped. There’s nothing more encouraging than listening to your favourite jam as you stretch your limbs.

What I’m referring to are health and lifestyle apps. Both Apple and Android phones also have default apps that measure how many calories you’ve eaten or burnt, how much time you spent doing an activity, how much hours of sleep you got, how far you’ve walked or jogged and so much more. You can even pair these up with special fitness watches so you don’t have to constantly check your phone. Sound great, don’t they?

If you want to step it up a notch, Apple’s App Store and Google Play are gold mines filled with so many more health and lifestyle apps that are guaranteed to give you real results.

Here are our five picks of health and lifestyle apps that you should try out today:

1. Seven

If you’re starting on the road to fitness and don’t have much free time on your hands but are a determined warrior, this app is for you. This app’s name is born from New York Times’ featured 7-minute workout. The app gives you 38 choices of workouts and over 200 exercises - each of which is good for seven minutes. Each workout and exercise shows you an illustrated model with instructions below and a timer. It also lets you know what exercise is coming next so you can prepare your body and mind for the next move. There is, however, a catch for this app. You are given three lives as you start using and if you miss a day, you lose a life. When you run out of all three lives, it resets your progress - bringing you back to zero which no one really likes to do after all that effort, right? With its three lives, you’re sure to be motivated to allocate time for fitness in your daily routine. Last but not least, this app is free for both Apple and Android users!

2. Headspace

Do you find it hard to put down your phone or take a moment to stop what you’re doing, breathe and meditate? If yes, Headspace is the perfect app for you! It features over a hundred meditation guides that will let you practice meditative activities such as focusing, sleeping and exercising. It also lets you know how long you’ve taken to meditate and relax. If you get days where you panic, get anxious and are overstressed about certain events or problems, it also has SOS sessions to help you relax and ease your anxiety. If you find yourself finding it difficult to sleep and calm your mind during the nights, the app also has sleep sounds which can induce sleep. The catch with this app is that it has subscription renewals, with $12.99 USD for monthly subscriptions and $94.99 USD for yearly subscriptions. It may come as pricey for some, but it sure has a lot of benefits especially for individuals who are always on the go.

3. Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Guided Meditation for Relaxation Cycle, Hypnosis and Insomnia

Who hasn’t had nights left lying awake, tossing and turning, counting endless sheep and sleep still hasn’t come? It even gets more annoying when you think about how you’re going to be tired the next day because you’re not going to get the right hours of sleep. It’s time to say goodbye to those stressful and sleepless nights with this app! With guided meditations, sleep and wake-up programs, it helps give you the sleep your body needs and energy for when you wake up. It also has a collection of ambient sounds that can help your mind relax and it allows you to set as many custom alarms and timers as you need. The good news about this app is that it is 100% free!

4. Sworkit: Workouts & Plans

If you’re in need of a workout app that can be tailored according to your individual needs and goals, this app is the one for you! It features guided workout plans, over a hundred pre-built workouts inclusive of over 300 exercises and a custom workout according to what you need. If you only have five minutes, you can find the perfect workout combo in this app. The first 30 days for this app are free and it’s cancellable if you find that it doesn’t suit you. For those who find it perfect for their needs, $29.99 USD is the price for quarterly subscriptions and $79.99 for yearly subscriptions.

5. Pocket Yoga

If you don’t have the time to find a yoga instructor or to attend a live classes, Pocket Yoga is the right app for you! For $2.99 USD, you can get an app that allows you to practice yoga at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. It not only has a visual guide, but it also has a detailed voice guide, ensuring you get the right poses and the correct way to inhale and exhale. You can also log all the yoga practices you’ve gone through for progress tracking. It also has default music while practising, however, you can play music from your own library even with the app running.